The purpose of a martial arts school is to teach self-defense, develop character, and provide a positive atmosphere for families and individuals within the community. When searching for a martial arts school there are a few key factors that you must look for to know if the martial arts school is right for you. Not all martial arts schools are the same and when you understand the components of a high-quality martial arts school then you or your child will be on the road towards better physical and mental health. 

The key component when looking for a martial arts school is the instructor and the quality of their instruction. The instructor has to be able to teach excellent martial arts and be able to spend time teaching the students on how they can succeed outside of the dojo. A good instructor does not just focus on fancy skills they instead focus on wanting their students to improve. A quality instructor will be able to challenge you or your child physically and mentally. Students should leave the dojo with new information that will be of some use in their everyday lives. 

Quality Instruction Is Key

Quality instruction should provide a fun atmosphere for the students but it should also instill discipline, in regards to following instructions and respect. In a typical class, students will do a wide range of motions including kicking pads, movement within lines and overall moving around the room. A good instructor is able to maintain control through the chaotic motions and students should respond and be respectful towards an instructor’s instructions. 

Next, a good martial arts school would include the involvement of the parents. Parents should be able to nod along and agree with instructions that the instructor saying and doing. The content that the instructor is sharing should be crucial for parents wanting to engage with the class. Whether you are a part of the class or watching you class the instruction should have an impact when you walk out the door. 

The next qualifying standard that a good martial arts school has is cleanliness. If there is care put into sustaining and cleaning the place of training then there will care in the quality of instruction. 

Other elements in determining a quality martial arts school is the appearance of staff that work in the dojo. The staff should be well-groomed and have positive energy. You want the instructor to be a role model of what the students should look up to. The instructors should have the students’ and parents’ interests in mind. 

Choosing The Right School

There are many martial arts schools in the market. Finding the right martial arts school to suit your individual needs will take time. As a parent or an individual wanting to train martial arts, you have to do your research on what qualities you want in the martial arts facility and the staff. Instead of going through thousands of online reviews on google looking for the best martial arts school it would be easier to check out Creative Fighters Guild. Creative Fighters Guild has classes for all ages and skill levels. They have clean facilities and knowledgeable, positive, and passionate staff members that will be more than willing to help you or your child with your martial arts journey.  

Creative Fighters Guild teaches MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, and Kali. Creative Fighters Guild is a locally owned business that wants to provide quality instruction in a clean and safe environment for the Richmond community.

The Creative Fighters Guild offers quality instruction for Kids and Adults in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and the Filipino Martial Arts.

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