Filipino Kali Martial Arts








The Origins of Filipino Kali

The Ancient Art of Kali (Escrima/Arnis) has a long history dating back to around the 5th century possibly much earlier. The Martial Art of Kali has been shrouded in mystery and lore for centuries, with abundant stories of great warriors male and female residing deep in the jungles and on the mountain tops dispersed throughout the Filipino archipelagos.

Kali Martial Arts Was Practiced in Secret

The Filipino people saw Kali as their major protection against foreign threats hence the martial art of Kali was practiced in secret. Now in somewhat more peaceful times and the migration of Kali Masters immigrating to United States after World War 2 and the tireless work and research of Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee`s best friend and student)the vail of secrecy has been lifted, exposing this beautiful and deadly potent martial art for all who wish to study it.

Filipino Kali Concepts at Creative Fighters Guild

Right from the very start at Creative Fighters Guild you are introduced to the Ancient Martial Art of Kali. With a huge emphasis on self- preservation you can have the confidence that you’re training in Kali will produce the winning results you need in any Self – Defense situation to protect you and your loved ones.

Make no mistake the weapons of Kali will bring out the best in your physical training by turbo charging your attributes. The Self – Perfection side of Kali will be immediately apparent as your speed, accuracy, and agility to name a few go through the roof. With 30 years of study, research, and practice in the Ancient Art of Kali you can be assured of quality instruction.

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