Martial Arts and Kickboxing develops focus


Why is it important that your child has the ability to focus

At CFG we define focus as being able to block out distractions. We live in a society that is fast-paced and we have endless amounts of entertainment right at the tip of our fingers. Since we have streaming services we can’t sit through 15-second commercials because it’s boring.   

Focus is fundamental to learning. Focus includes self-control and discipline. ADD ADHD is on the rise and many doctors prescribe medication but doctors are too quick to prescribe pills. 

At CFG, our classroom curriculum which includes listening positions, martial arts drills, and group mat chats allow children to exercise their ability to focus. The more they use and exercise their ability to focus the stronger it will become. 

It is our duty as parents and adults to guide children in understanding and monitor their discipline and self-control. At CFG we provide excellent martial arts programs for your children so they can begin harnessing the ability to focus and learn discipline and self-control along the way. 


Once your child begins training at CFG that will understand the importance of perseverance. Having confidence is not enough if a child does not also have perseverance. To survive in our tough world one must have grit, sticktoitiveness, in other words, perseverance.  

At CFG we promote perseverance with mat chats and through physical martial arts training which pushes children to perform their absolute best in the dojo and in their everyday lives. Perseverance is a trait that takes a long time to develop because for an individual to know if they have grit they must stick with their commitments for long periods of time. 

At CFG, we are aware of the responsibility we have when training your child and we value your trust in us. We look forward to watching your child grow and develop into confident, focused leaders with a strong aptitude for perseverance.

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