Creative Fighters Guild is a highly qualified martial arts school for kids and adults in Richmond, British Columbia. Creative Fighters Guild provides knowledge and skills in, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and MMA. The combination of these martial arts aids in boosting the self-confidence for kids and adults. Creative Fighters Guild provides its students with the life skills that will help them succeed in any obstacle they come across. Creative Fighters Guild instills confidence, discipline, and leadership within their students.

Once a child receives and puts on their uniform and belt they earned, they will feel pride and confidence. Children will train and be put in positions that will help them build their confidence. Children will be put in leadership positions such as leading the class through a warm-up or demonstrating techniques for the class and they will receive constructive criticism to improve their skills. 


Creative Fighters Guild will instil discipline which will help your child succeed outside the martial arts dojo. Instructors at Creative Fighters Guild teach students that discipline and self-discipline are two different things and that students must understand there are certain duties that should be done without being told. A student at Creative Fighters Guild must showcase discipline in all aspects of their life, not just at the dojo. 


As instructors we want the students to be leaders and we teach these skills at Creative Fighters Guild. They learn the skill of speaking up in front of a group of people. Students are taught to embrace challenges and take action within the dojo. Students learn to vocally express accepting a challenge by saying “Ready Sir!” when an instructor asks for a demonstration. Their yelling of “Ready Sir!” aids in exuding their confidence and demonstrating that they are becoming a leader. 


At Creative Fighters Guild, we are proud of the way we take care of and support our students. We put the needs of our students and their families first. Students at Creative Fighters Guild have self-confidence, discipline, and leadership qualities instilled inside them. 

If you want a self-confident, disciplined child with great leadership skills then sign them up at Creative Fighters Guild in Richmond B.C.

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