Mahan Salimian is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt under Team Megaton Diaz. He has completed both at a local and international level earning Gold and silver medals in varying grappling competitions.

Mahan started training Martial Arts in the form of wrestling at the age of 5 in Iran. After moving to Canada in 1994 he started training boxing and Kung Fu. He later fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu when he watched a UFC fight for the first time.  In 2003, he started training under Gary Herman. Gary’s strategy on teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from street combat and MMA perspectives formed Mahan’s techniques and fighting style. Mahan has also dabbled in Muay Thai. Mahan has incorporated his wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai skills into his Vale Tudo to create a complete fighting system.

He was also the co-owner and operator of True Fighters MMA in Vancouver BC, dedicated to training professional fighters. During that time that Mahan started training in Kickboxing as well.

Mahan is still very active in training martial arts and physical fitness as he believes that martial arts training is a lifestyle. He considers himself as the student of the game always and striving to improve his skills and knowledge each day.

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