When walking down the streets you must stay alert. Some of these tips you may already know and some may be brand new for you. 

The three principles for when walking down the street is 

  1. Strength in numbers
  2. Use sound 
  3. Be Alert 

If you are walking by yourself avoid dark unpopulated areas as much as possible. 

Avoid walking alone if you can because you are more likely to be seen as a vulnerable target for being mugged or killed.

Make sure to hide or securely hold your valuables. You don’t want someone to be aware of items they can possibly steal from you.  

If you feel someone is following you make sure to avoid getting close to the car– otherwise they can pull you inside. 

When you are walking in a parking lot or going to and from your home keep your head up, stay alert, have your phone away, and keys in hand. The distance that you walk to and from your car is when you are most vulnerable. 

Take a basic self-defence course. You don’t need to be an expert but you should have a few basic moves that you can use in a dangerous situation. 

Creative Fighters Guild teaches Filipino Martial Arts , Kickboxing, and Brazillian Jiu – Jitsu that will train you for all your self-defense needs. 

Be sure to implement these tips in your everyday life and share these tips with a loved ones.

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